Hurricane Harvey Information for Students

Students at institutions in the disaster area, and those who reside in the disaster area, may have their studies severely disrupted by the storm. You should contact your institution of higher education (understanding that communications may be difficult in the immediate days after the storm) to verify start dates, status of facilities, and any other issues that may impact your ability to attend.

If you are facing additional financial hardship due to Hurricane Harvey, your first step should be to contact your institution's office of financial aid. The financial aid officers at your institution can help you explore your options, such as potentially recalculating your financial need or accessing emergency aid to assist you. Additionally, if you have questions regarding federal financial assistance the U.S. Department of Education has established a toll-free Hurricane Harvey Hotline (1-844-348-4082) and Hurricane Harvey email address ( to provide answers to questions, make references to helpful resources, and share information.

Texas National Guard members who are currently students at Texas public institutions of higher education and have been called to an active duty status to participate in hurricane relief efforts have several options regarding their enrollment. Under Texas law, the institution must excuse a student under active deployment from attending class or engaging in other required activity, up to a maximum of 25% of the total number of class meetings or contact hour equivalents for a course. A student who withdraws due to active military service may choose to have their tuition and fees refunded, take an incomplete grade, or request a final grade if the student who has completed a substantial amount of coursework and demonstrated sufficient mastery of the material. Finally, a student who withdraws for active military service shall be readmitted within one year of completing their service, without requiring reapplication or charging a fee. You should contact your institution as soon as possible to fully understand and explore your options.

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