Field of Study Advisory Committees

The Texas Education Code, Section 61.823, directs the Board to develop field of study (FOS) curricula for various academic programs. There are nine FOS curricula currently in place, and one more is effective in Fall 2018.

Board-Approved Field of Study Curricula

The Board establishes a separate FOS Advisory Committee for each FOS curriculum, consisting of up to 24 members drawn equally from two-year and four-year public institutions. FOS Advisory Committees will periodically review each existing FOS to ensure alignment with advances in the discipline, student interests, and workforce needs.

Charge: Each FOS Advisory Committee is charged to identify, for its discipline, the block of courses that may be transferred to a general academic teaching institution, must be substituted for that institution's lower-division requirements for the degree program into which a student transfers, and for which the student must receive full academic credit toward the degree program for which the block of courses transferred. Texas Administrative Code rules relating to FOS can be found at Title 19, Part 1, Chapter 4, Subchapter B, Rule 4.32.

Meeting Schedule: Individual committees meet as necessary to review or develop FOS curricula. Meeting dates, agendas, and approved minutes are posted on each committee's webpage.

Existing Field of Study Advisory Committees:

Upcoming Field of Study Advisory Committees:

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