2018 Higher Education Leadership Conference

When: 11/29/2018 08:00 AM to 11/30/2018 02:00 PM
Where: Hilton Austin Airport Hotel, 9515 Hotel Drive, Austin, Texas 78719

Agenda and Materials 

Registration Roster
60x30TX Strategic Plan 
2018 Texas Public Higher Education Almanac
Biographies: Conference Presenters, Panelists, and Facilitators 
Biographies: Coordinating Board Members
Additional Meeting Materials

Presentations, Videos and Handouts 

Day 1 - November 29, 2018 
08:15 Panel Discussion “What I Wish I Had Known as a New Governing Board Member” Handout1 Handout2 Video

Sessions for University Governing Board Members

09:00 The Budgeting Process for Public Universities in Texas PPT Video
09:45 Space Usage Efficiency PPT Video
10:00 Board Member Roles and Responsibilities: Sustaining Institutional Autonomy and Board Independence PPT Video
10:45 Monitoring and Oversight: What is Good Information PPT Video
11:30 The Auditing Process for Public Universities in Texas PPT Video

Sessions for Community College Governing Board Members
09:00 Understanding the Revenue Mix for Texas Community Colleges and the State Budgeting Process PPT Handout Video
09:45 The Community Budgeting Process for Public Community Colleges in Texas PPT Video
10:45 Campus Financial Management – Panel Discussion PPT Video
11:30 Financial Condition Analysis for Community College PPT Video
Afternoon Sessions
12:15 Board Chair Keynote PPT Video
13:15 The 60x30TX.com Website and Monitoring Progress toward Achieving the Goals of 60x30TX through the Texas Public Higher Education Accountability System PPT Video
14:00 Effective Trusteeship, Ethics, and the Avoidance of Conflicts of Interest PPT PPT2 Handout1 Handout2 Handout3 Video1 Video2
16:00 Leadership Dynamics in Public Higher Education – Effectively Working with the Texas Legislature Video 

Day 2 – November 30, 2018
08:15 Strategies for Supporting Economically Disadvantaged College Students PPT Video
09:30 Strategies to Increase Student Retention and Completion PPT PPT2 Handout1 Handout2 Handout3 Video
09:30 Strategies for Achieving 60x30TX Regional Targets PPT Handout Video
11:00 Emergency Aid Programs PPT PPT2 PPT3 PPT4 PPT5 Handout Video
11:00 Technological Systems PPT PPT2 PPT3 PPT4 Video