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Lone Star College-Tomball’s lifePATH® program provides a unique post-secondary opportunity for adult students to learn social and skill expectations needed in the business world, the academic world, and personal relationships. Students who have disabilities that affect executive functioning can earn various Lone Star College certificates in Occupational Studies, ACT® WorkKeys® Assessments, the ACT® National Career Readiness Certification, and can choose to earn college credit in general Lone Star College credit courses. They can also earn a level-1 credit certificate in Business Operations. Students can exit lifePATH after two-years, receiving a Lone Star College Certificate in Foundational Occupational Studies. All students who choose a four-year lifePATH® option participate in a community-based internship during their fourth year. Students are selected as part of a cohort.

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Types of COLLEGE COURSES taken by students in this program:

  • College courses for credit that lead to a certificate or degree
  • Continuing education courses
  • Lone Star College lifePATH® provides a unique opportunity for adult students to learn the social and skill expectations needed in business, academics, and personal relationships. LSC lifePATH® is a four-year comprehensive model of post-secondary educational opportunities for students who have disabilities that affect executive functioning. Students are selected as part of a cohort and each cohort remains together for all classes during the first two years. Throughout the program, students will also complete ACT® WorkKeys® Assessments and receive the ACT® National Career Readiness Certification.

Options for APPLYING for admission to this program:

  • Regular college/university admissions process
  • Specific application
  • lifePATH® is a selective admissions program with a specific application process. Students also need to complete the Lone Star College application and must include Texas Success Initiative (TSI) Results in their admissions application packet.

After completing this program, students are eligible to earn the following CREDENTIALS:

Currently available: Lone Star Certificate in Foundational Occupational Studies. ACT’s National Career Readiness Certification. Level 1 certificate in Business Operations.
The Lone Star Certificate in Foundational Occupational Studies is available only to students enrolled in lifePATH®. The level 1 certificate in Business Operations is available to all students at LSC; however, the lifePATH® option is restricted to lifePATH® students. The credit certificate courses are taught over two semesters (a full academic year) instead of one semester. In 2019, the Texas State Legislature passed H.B. 3165 recognizing Lone Star College’s ability to establish LSC lifePATH® as an accredited Occupational and Life Skills associate degree program. Lone Star College will be seeking this accreditation.

LENGTH OF TIME expected to complete this program:

4 years

SPECIAL COURSES designed for students with IDD in this program:

  • Individual instruction or tutoring
  • Life skills
  • Social skills
  • Study skills
  • Orientation to college
  • Community-based instruction
  • Independent living instruction

FEES associated with this program:

Yes, but not the same as standard course fees.

SCHOLARSHIPS available for this program:


RESIDENTIAL options for on-campus living: