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IDD Postsecondary Program Information

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Christine Price





ACC's STEPS is an up to two year program for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities interested in gaining skills to enter the workforce or continue to develop their education. STEPS provides a wealth of support to help adults achieve their individualized goals. Working together with agencies and schools, we provide comprehensive supports through their entire two years leading towards increased independence and employ-ability. STEPS offers many levels of support, choices and plans for students.

Are students in High School ELIGIBLE for this program?


Types of COLLEGE COURSES taken by students in this program:

  • College courses for credit that lead to a certificate or degree
  • College courses for audit
  • Continuing education courses

Options for APPLYING for admission to this program:

  • Specific application
  • Students with IDD not in the STEPS program may also use the regular college/university admissions process

After completing this program, students are eligible to earn the following CREDENTIALS:

Degree & Certificate Options Associate of Arts, Associate of Arts in Teaching (AAT), Associate of Science (AS), Associate of Applied Science (AAS), Marketable Skills Award (MSA), Level 1 & 2 Basic Certificate, Enhanced Skill Certificate (ESC), Advanced Technical Skill Certificate (ATC), Continuing Education Certificates (Cert-CE) and Marketing Skills Awards (MSA-CE)

LENGTH OF TIME expected to complete this program:

2 years

SPECIAL COURSES designed for students with IDD in this program:

  • Individual instruction or tutoring
  • Life skills
  • Social skills
  • Study skills
  • Orientation to college
  • Community-based instruction
  • Independent living instruction

FEES associated with this program:

Yes, but not the same as standard course fees.

SCHOLARSHIPS available for this program:


RESIDENTIAL options for on-campus living: